Frequenty asked


How can you be parked in Steinbach all day AND offer delivery?

We have two vehicles! Our mobile flower truck will be at Main & Brandt, while at the same time our trusty delivery van will be bringing flowers to folks throughout the Southeast.

What’s in the flower truck?

In our mobile flower shop, we keep arrangements, cut bouquets, single stems, and greenery. Just like the storefront!

How do I get my flowers?

Still pretty much the same! You can either walk up and take your flowers with you right away, or order ahead by phoning or going online. We’ll have your order ready for you to pick up from the flower truck at Main & Brandt, or we’ll deliver. Whichever you choose! Contact us, tell us your budget, and we’ll create something just for you.

Why don’t you post pictures of the custom arrangements you create for your clients?

To us, they’re more than just arrangements. We don’t show the custom arrangements we create for our clients because each one represents our clients’ own personal taste, private memories, and unique experience. If they choose to share it online, that’s great! But that’s completely up to them.